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Guest Gardens & Landscape are experts in the construction of native rock gardens.

Rockc gardens are perfect for beach side or coastal living. They include garden features, are low maintenance and include plants suited to the area.

  Native Rock Garden Plants 

Native Rock Gardens contain plants such as Agava attenuata, Blackboys, Kangaroo poors etc.

This style of planting is water wise.  Local native plants can withstand our Coastal conditions and look good in the process.


  Low Maintenance

The use of pebbles, water features, logs and special planting will result in a garden that is low maintenance, drought resistant and pleasant to the eye..


Nothing looks better than a well constructed Rock Garden that has been specifically designed to suite your home.


  Formal Rock Garden

A higher maintenance style of garden consisting of garden edges made of natural rocks with planting consisting of shrubs and small plants..

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